Foot orthotics

We conduct a biomechanical assessment to help you achieve optimal foot health. Our custom orthotics service is adapted to each individual’s needs.

The service seeks to quickly eliminate any inflammatory pain developed by patients due to poor foot biomechanics. This may manifest as pain in the feet, knees, ankles or other body parts.

Patients will be given a free foot assessment using a range of sophisticated and high-tech tools developed by the podiatrists at “The Orthotics Groups™“.


Custom orthotics

Our custom orthotics are insoles that have been specially designed to address your needs. They can correct poor foot posture and misalignment, or relieve unwanted pressure that can cause inflammatory pain.

We have several models of orthotics available, which may be short, long, thin or padded. You select the model that suits you best, and we will adapt it to your condition and shoes.

There are two types of orthotics available in the industry:

1- The first is a “biomechanical” orthotic device. These orthotics are designed to correct the movement of your feet as you walk. They attempt to put all the structures of your feet and lower body into the ideal anatomical position, aiming to achieve perfect body mechanics. High-tech companies such as The Orthotics Group™ use this method of orthotics manufacturing. This is the technology used by Customized Foot.
2- The second type of orthotics is “handmade”. These are designed using a mould made from an imprint of your feet. Although this is an older technique, it is still used by some specialists.